Organic Farming

Biodynamic Farming

… we realized that conventional farming was kidnapped by an agribusiness that made it dependent on supplies. In 2012 we decided to start cultivating the land with organic farming techniques …

… in 2016 we discovered a new organic farming that allows us to walk to self-sufficiency, an agriculture completely respectful of the environment, …

Our products

We want to start with something simple, without major pretensions, where the most important thing is undoubtedly the quality of our Organic and Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

At the moment, you can taste our oil in a 500ml glass bottle and in our 3L can, designed for those who consume more oil in their kitchen. Both packages have been chosen to avoid more plastic to our planet and preserve the oil from light.

Finca Tindavar

Our environment

Biodynamic preparations



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